Friday, January 25, 2013

Rustic Wedding Inspiration

One of the 2012 wedding trends that seems to be firmly embedded in 2013 as well is The Rustic Wedding. I absolutely LOVE this theme and can't wait for a bride to ask me to help stage her magical affair. 

A Rustic Wedding Theme can be put together for bride’s of all personalities, whether you’re laid back and simple or you like all the glitz and glamour that goes along with a traditional wedding. A rustic wedding is also a green and budget friendly wedding idea, with a lot of cost savings in the diy rustic wedding projects and the ability to use elements and decorations strait from nature.

The first, and probably most important thing to consider when planning a rustic wedding, is your Rustic Wedding Location. An outdoor setting is clearly the easiest way to really get that rustic feel, such as a national park with lots of tall trees, a barn, or even an open field! The idea is to incorporate nature and all of it’s beauty into your special day. 

You can really get into some fun rustic DIY projects using items even from your own backyard, such as twigs and tree trunk slices. Some other rustic decoration ideas are with the use of cotton, wheat, burlap, twine, dried flowers, pine cones, hay, fruit, vegetables, and old vintage items like mason jars glasses. How fun is this DIY project from Pocketful of Dreams

Your Rustic Flowers are one of the most important wedding decorations, especially for this theme. They are nature’s most beautiful creation, and are easy to incorporate into everything from the rustic wedding bouquet to the rustic table centerpieces. I like the idea of using burlap & lace to wrap the stems as opposed to traditional ribbon. And, along with the flowers, use lots of herbs and plants, such as rosemary, moss, or wheat. Dried and paper flowers are really big this year as well and would work beautifully in the Rustic Wedding theme.

Everybody loves something sweet, and the best thing about a rustic wedding cake is that you can do it yourself. A lot of the rustic wedding cakes use a simple white buttercream frosting, surround it with things from nature, and then rest it on top of a Rustic Wedding Cake Stand made out of wood. 

I hope you'll find some inspiration here for your Rustic Wedding. However, this theme is very diverse and would work perfectly for a birthday party, anniversary celebration or shower! 


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