Wedding & Event Planning FAQ's

Why hire a wedding planner when I can do it all myself?
Of course you can plan your own wedding, but do you want to spend your special day worrying about the arrival of the cake? Why wake up in the middle of the night stressed and anxious about the florist not calling? A wedding planner is the best gift you and your future spouse can give each other!

I like to have control over planning things myself–will an event planner take all the fun out of it?

At Angee's Eventions we take your ideas and help make them reality. “I bring the supplies, you paint the canvas,” says owner Angee Billingsley.

What to expect in my free consultation?

You will meet with a Angee’s Eventions consultant to discuss in great detail how far along you are in your wedding or event plans and discuss ways in which we can help you.  We will take the information from our meeting and create a detailed proposal and breakdown of services fees for your consideration.

Do you take a percentage or is it a flat fee?

In most instances Angee’s Eventions charges a flat fee based upon the level of service you require.  We have been planning and coordinating weddings and events for many years and have a very good grasp of how much time will be required and what should be charged.

What are your payment terms?

Angee’s Eventions requires a 1/3 to confirm your date on our event calendar.  Second payment and final payment will be discussed and agreed upon be contract is signed.