Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rice Alternatives for Your Wedding Send Off!

What are you planning for your grand exit? Confetti? Sparklers? Ribbon wands? Here we will explore some ‘send off ‘ ideas for your wedding.

Throwing rice has been tradition to wish prosperity and luck to newlyweds, but if it’s ingested by birds it can be deadly. 

Here are some alternatives to rice. 

Confetti, lots of confetti!  It can be made very easily by using colorful paper and a hole punch. There are many different ways to make your confetti unique. Use different shapes and sizes. Add GLITTER, yes glitter really does make everything better! Add confetti packs to the front of your wedding program. Weather you decide to make your confetti or buy it be sure it is big enough and bright enough to show up in your pictures. 

Cones filled with herbs such as lavender not only smell great, if you include the herb in your bouquet, it will tie your theme together. Birdseed is not only inexpensive but it is the most environment friend option.

 A balloon release is also a fun way to usher in your marriage outside of a place of worship. Present guests with a couple of balloons before they head outside. Then have them released into the sky as you and your new husband walk by.  

By using rose petals you add a romantic feel to your send off and can be purchased in any color to match your theme. Here is a fun DIY project if you choose to go with rose petals.

If you aren’t keen on having something thrown in your face while trying to find your way down the aisle, ribbon wands have become very popular and are easy to make yourself.

If your wedding is at night, glow sticks would be great for guests to wave around. 

End your reception with fireworks (literally!). Just be sure to have this idea approved by your reception venue, and consider hiring pros to set them off. Another similar option? Sparklers! Fireworks in your wedding? See how these real couples did it.

And last but not least, my favorite! I love the idea of using sprinkles as a rice alternative! They are very colorful and will add some fun to your ceremony.

Just remember to make it special and always check your venues guidelines! 


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