Wednesday, March 27, 2013

EGGstra Special Easter Wedding Inspiration!

I love the soft delicate pastel rainbow palette of colors you typically think of with Easter. An Easter wedding to me exudes all the beauty and fun of spring. Weddings with an Easter theme are undeniably charming and never fail to impress!

Pastel colors are essential when creating a cohesive Easter wedding theme. Pale pinks, yellows, greens, purples and blues all work together in a very bright, springy and festive way. Your table setting is the perfect way to incorporate different textures and different linens into creating a fun but elegant Easter wedding reception.

Tulips are by far my favorite flower. I love them for their beauty and simplicity. They are a must-have for any wedding event in the Spring but especially around the Easter holiday. They come in a variety of colors and pastel shades will bring in the cohesiveness of the Easter theme. You can save a little in decorating costs as most churches are adorned with fresh tulips or lilies for this sacred holiday.
Photo via Pinterest
The beauty of any wedding lies in the details and bunnies are naturally associated with the Easter holiday in a non-religious sense. Martha Stewart has a great DIY tutorial on how to fold napkins in the shape of bunny ears. Again this is a fun yet elegant way to bring your theme into something as simple as your place settings.
Photo via Martha Stewart
Everyone loves a good Easter egg hunt but with these place markers, the only thing your guests will be hunting for is their seats. By incorporating egg filled bird’s nests into your seating chart and plans could put your wedding completely over the top in a very memorable way.

Photo via Love Olio
I’ve shared with y’all my love for the Rainbow Theme trend, so of course I love the idea of bringing different shades of pastel colors into the attire worn by the wedding party. Easter eggs are often times died in multiple pastel colors and what better way to incorporate the ideas of Easter then to adorn your bridesmaids each with a color of their own. This is a fun way for each bridesmaid to feel unique while staying in your theme.

Photo via Orange & Blossom

When incorporating an Easter holiday theme into your wedding, subtlety and consistency are key. All Easter goodness can easily be incorporated into a spring wedding. Each of these ideas could easily work for a bridal shower, as well!

During my research I discovered so many beautiful Easter Wedding Themed Inspiration Boards that I couldn’t pick just one to share with you. So I’ve created an album on our Facebook page for you to browse. Be sure to stop by and ‘Like’ us and let us know which one is your favorite.  

The beauty of your event will lie in the details. From the flowers to the food, the place cards to the wedding party, your event is sure to be a beautiful once-in-a-lifetime experience. So if you are planning a 2014 Easter wedding, email us and we will get started on a custom Easter-themed wedding.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Chocolate Dipped Peeps? Yes, Please!

I have a confession.

In addition to be a lover of Cadbury Eggs and candy corn, I also love Peeps. (Hmmm, all my favorite candies and holiday candies…) 

Yes, those marshmallowy covered in sugar little creatures you can buy at Easter (and other holidays now too!)

There’s something delightfully ridiculous about marshmallow Peeps. They seem to usher in all sorts of childhood nostalgia, kicking off the season of Easter candy with pastel flair.

 As any experienced Peep connoisseur knows, Peeps are best eaten after they have dried out for a few days.  It makes them oh so nice and chewy. I have been known to open them and set them in the pantry for a few weeks and go back for them for an extra special treat.

What could taste better than a dried out Peep? A Peep covered in chocolate of course! I’ve seen tons of different ways to do it on Pinterest and even saw that you can buy them at your local superstore!  But those Peeps were a bit costly and most of the pictures I saw on Pinterest were only pictures. (A HUGE Pinterest No No!) So I decided to make my own and show you how!

The first step was to melt the chocolate.  I had a variety of different products on hand chips, melts and bark. They all work basically the same. I melt my chocolate in the microwave but a double boiler can also be used. If the chocolate doesn’t melt smoothly, try adding a little vegetable oil to it to thin it out. I went with the chocolate melts for this round

Then I just held the little guys by their neck and dipped away! After a nice warm dip in chocolate I sprinkled them with sprinkles! Set on wax paper to hard and THAT'S it! 

I've created this bag topper as a FREE printable for you. I used Ziploc brand sandwich bags and two stables and I have the perfect little gift for friends and family.  
Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions of Use before using
 So do you think you will make these in the near future? After Easter Sunday, peeps will be on sale and I just might make a Spring Peep printable! 

Keep Chillin' Peeps!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Raspberry and Teal Wedding Inspiration

Remember being a kid and sticking to the rule that red was for girls and blue was for boys? Well, that must explain why together they make such a harmonious pair when used as a wedding color theme. 

Raspberry and teal (that’s what we adults call red and blue) complement each other so beautifully; they’re an inviting choice for late summer weddings and one of my favorite color pairings! 


Friday, March 15, 2013

Thanks for Popping By! Gourmet Popcorn Bar

Many brides struggle with wedding favor ideas. When selecting a wedding favor, many aim to give their guests a “favorable” gift. Some of the more popular wedding favors are edible. Not only does everybody love popcorn, but it’s also a cheap treat idea for the wedding reception! Decking your wedding out with a gourmet popcorn bar is sure to impress the adults and little ones alike. You can go as extravagant or simple as you’d like, depending on your budget and wedding formality.

Selecting a few different flavored popcorns with mini favor bags is an easy and popular choice. You can really spice it up a notch with gourmet toppings and seasonings such as; ranch, nacho cheddar, kettle corn, movie theater butter, white cheddar and perhaps even a spicy chili lime powder. Popcorn balls are also a nice little addition to any popcorn station.

I also like the idea of adding a larger variety of treats to mix and match. You could include chocolate chips, nuts, peanuts, candy, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, M&Ms, crystalized ginger, shredded coconut, mini pretzels, Chex cereal, banana chips, granola, etc… What's your favorite popcorn add in? Leave us a comment below.

Photo via Miriam Ackerman Events
Try this Easy and Yummy Candied Popcorn which could colored to match your color scheme! 


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Unique Wedding Registries

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Perhaps you already have all the pots, pans, towels, dishes you’ll ever need in life. You’re not alone.

Many couples are entering marriage with a household full of stuff, especially if they are living together or are well past the post-grad ramen phase of their lives.

That  also means the traditional wedding registry to help you outfit your new life together isn’t necessarily needed. So instead of trying to figure out if those porcelain salt and pepper shakers will ever be used, consider these cool wedding registries instead:

Foodie Registry: Love eating out? Choose from a bunch of restaurants and let your guests help you eat your way through your town.

Hatch My House: This registry allows your guests to help you save toward a down payment, renovations or décor for your future home. A cool feature is that your guests can see your dream house from the front door to the bedroom and purchase a certain part of your house, like a door or window.

Honeyluna: Can’t afford a honeymoon? Perhaps your guests can help you out with a dream vacation. Select your destination and guests can not only contribute to your plane tickets and lodging but extras including spa packages, a romantic meal or day excursions.

I Do Foundation: If you want your wedding day to focus on giving to others, then consider a charity registry. This website allows your guests to feel good about giving back to charities that you hold near and dear to your heart.

And as grooms become more and more involved in wedding planning and the popularity of man showers and couples showers continue to grow – now’s the perfect time for grooms to bring in some serious loot by creating their man registries.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Seeds of Hope Planting Party

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Looking for a way to add fun and meaning to your next girlfriend gathering? I’ve got a unique party plan to help you shower some folks with kindness while having a girlfriend bash.

Since spring is right around the corner, I suggest a "Seeds of Hope" get-together. While you create potted gifts for those less fortunate, you’ll strengthen your friendships, nurture your creativity, and undoubtedly share some giggly moments as well. 

First things first
Decide who you want to help, and how. You’ll need to designate a charitable organization to receive the fruits of your efforts. This may require a little research on your part. The Yellow Pages are a great place to start. Call local nursing homes, retirement villages, or family shelters, to find out if they are receptive to this type of charity. Generally speaking, many organizations are eager for people to help put smiles on the faces of their residents. 

For the party activity, be creative and use your imagination. Here are two suggestions, with instructions below:
  • Donate cheery potted plants or flowers to nursing home or retirement home residents.
  • Give children and adults in family shelters something to look forward to, by donating an assortment of colorful pots and all the essentials for planting.

The simplest way to share your party plans is to call your girlfriends and give them the details. But, if you prefer written invitations, purchase blank note cards with a floral theme. On the inside, write the date, time, place, organization you are benefiting, and perhaps a little verse such as this:
Please come find a spot
To paint a pot or two
The ingredients are gathered
All we’re missing is you!

Setting and set-up
The perfect spot for this gathering is outdoors. Try to gather all types, sizes and shapes of potted flowers and plants for decoration. You can even bring your favorite indoor plants out for a few hours to help set the stage.

A few days before the party, purchase enough clay pots to have at least one or two per guest. A four-inch or six-inch size works well. Paint the pots in a cheery base color using craft paint. (You don’t want to waste valuable party time waiting for the paint to dry). Leave time for a second coat if needed. 

The day of the party, set up a couple of "activity stations" to help with traffic flow. These could simply be folding tables. Keep dirt in its own zone (less mess for you later). Make sure each station has enough elbow room to prevent accidental breakage of pots or spillage of dirt. 

If you are giving potted plants or flowers as your charitable donation:
  • At one station, place dirt in a shallow container alongside the flowers or plants to be potted.
  • At another station, place all the items needed to decorate the pots (glue, buttons, faux gems, felt, ribbon, bric a brac, permanent markers, etc.)
  • Ask each guest to decorate a pot and plant a flower in it, so it’s ready to be distributed to your special charity organization.
If you are giving pots with planting kits:
  • At one station, place dirt in a shallow container, baggies, seed packets, and colorful string or ribbon.
  • At another station place all the items necessary to decorate the pots (glue, buttons, faux gems, felt, ribbon, bric a brac, permanent markers, etc.).
  • Ask each guest to decorate a pot or two. Place a baggie full of dirt (tied with a colorful ribbon), and a seed packet inside each pot to make them ready for giving.
Food and drink
Simple, fresh and festive finger foods work well outdoors, and are in keeping with the "garden" theme. Try cucumber sandwiches, brie and apple slices, fresh fruit kabobs with chocolate dipping sauce, baby carrots and spinach dip. Mimosas or wine spritzers are lovely for a daytime event or ice tea and lemonade would make great non alcoholic choices.

Clean, empty clay pots and saucers can double as serving pieces when lined with pretty cloth napkins. Use an assortment of pot and saucer sizes. 

Party favors
After all that hard work creating something nice for others, make sure your guests take home a little something too. Mini potted flowers make perfect favors. Violets are great for giving; they can be purchased already potted or you can place them in tiny two-inch pots. Tie a ribbon or lace around the rim for a decorative touch.

If you decide to plant some "Seeds of Hope" with your girlfriends, be sure to let me know how it goes! Have a great time creating your clay pot masterpieces while slinging some dirt with your girlfriends! 

Happy Planting!

Friday, March 8, 2013

DIY or Don't DIY? That is the question!

DIY (or Do It Yourself) projects are usually a money saver but it’s not right for everyone. I’ve come up with 5 reasons you should opt for a professional’s expertise instead.
Photo via Pintetrest

  1. You have no time to devote – Crafting takes time and includes planning, sourcing out materials (online or in person), and assembling. If you don’t have the time to spare to do it right, mistakes are prone to happen or worst of all, you may not finish on time.
  2. Crafting is not one of your strengths – If you don’t know what you’re doing, mistakes will likely happen, which means you need more supplies, which also means more spending. If you don’t really know your way around a certain craft, it’s probably not a good idea to attempt it. If you have time, I encourage you to learn and experiment (through YouTube videos or classes) but if you’re on a time crunch, a crash course may not be enough for such a big and important project. Also, many craft stores offer classes, take advantage of those!
  3. You want a showstopper – Not everybody has the same eye for design so if you want to make a statement, let the professionals handle it. Professional designers and decor stylists know how to match or contrast items and are also aware of the current trends, so if you want your event to stand out in a good way, better call a pro.
  4. You don’t have storage space – If you’re making your own centerpieces or any other sorts of decor, have a place available where you can store them pre-wedding… or even post-wedding. Can you imagine having 10 tree centerpieces on your dining table? Don’t let your wedding prep take over your living space.
  5. You don’t like it – Don’t DIY just because you feel like you have to. Why do something you hate?
Don’t let this discourage you from crafting…Adding your personal touch to your wedding can be fun and a great way to make lasting memories! Plan ahead, learn, and practice with lots of time before the wedding. If need be, enlist a friend or two to help you out. Besides, it’s more fun doing this as a group rather than alone!

Tell me… Do you have any DIY projects lined up for your wedding?


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cooking with Cadbury Creme Eggs!

There are two kinds of people in this world: People who love Cadbury Creme Eggs and people who think we are crazy. 

Easter is just a hop, skip and diabetic coma away, which means it's time to inhale as many Cadbury Eggs as you can before it's too late! I however, have been known to buy them in bulk and freeze them so I can have them well into the fall.

These recipes call for those most delicious of all candy eggs, so they should help you consume Cadbury Eggs in massive quantities just in the nick of time. My teeth are aching already!

Cadbury Egg Donuts! Cadbury Eggs + Doughnuts = The ultimate in indulgence. 

Cadbury Egg S'mores? It makes perfect sense. People love their s'mores and they love their Cadbury eggs. Why wouldn't you put the two together?

Deep Fried Easter Crème Eggs are a deadly--and delicious--Easter treat!

Candbury Egg Chocolate Lava Cake is a gooey, rich chocolate lava cake with a Cadbury Egg surprise inside. You may want to skip dinner and head straight to dessert.

Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict. It combines all of the excess of the savory dish, but in completely sweet form, comprised of stacks made of doughnut, brownie, melty Creme Eggs (complete with oozing yolk!), and a topping of rich frosting, all accompanied by a mound of fried pound cake to give the effect of side potatoes. It's a sweet egg-stravaganza. 

Get all 'gooey' this Easter and make these rich, delicious chocolate pancakes using classic Cadbury Crème Eggs.


Cadbury Egg Crème Brûlée! There are few things better than breaking into the sweet protective layer of a Crème Brûlée. But if the path to the creamy goodness beneath was to be impeded by a large object, then it might as well be a Canbury Egg! So grab a blow torch, and put on your fat pants. Instructions for Creme overload can be found here.


Make Cadbury Egg Fudge and indulge all you want but remember swimsuit is also right around the corner. 

Caramel Cadbury Egg Martini, because candy is much more fun to drink! Skip dessert and head straight for this chocolaty martini. You'll feel like you bit into a Caramel Cadbury Egg.


Cadbury Eggs Decoded! Finally, you can make Cadbury-style Creme Eggs at home any time of year. 


Bon Appetite


Monday, March 4, 2013

FREE St. Patrick's Day Activities and Printables!

Top of the mornin' to ya!  Kiss me I'm Irish! 

So I have been telling myself, don't get caught up in all of the cute Saint Patrick's Day STUFF, you have never decorated or really celebrated the holiday in the past, you will be fine...but then I became an instant Yaya when my daughter got married and became a mother to the most precious little girl! 
 Roni Rose & Starr! My 2 favorite girls!
For me, the main goal on St. Patrick's Day, while attending Elementary School, was to make it through the day without getting pinched. I was curious how this tradition of pinching began, so I Googled, (where does pinching on st patrick's day come from) and got several different answers ranging from warding off Leprechauns to just a child's made-up game. If you know the real history (or have a good guess) of how it all started please enlighten me!  Also, for those of you living outside of the U.S., do children pinch on St. Patrick's Day where you live, or is this unique to the U.S.?  I'd love to hear about how/if you celebrate St. Patrick's day.  

Since my daughter was little, St. Patty's Day has turned into something bigger, a WHOLE LOT BIGGER! We will now have a tricky little Leprechaun that comes the night before (March 16th) and leave shamrocks all over the house. He will also turn the milk green and will use our potty before he leaves. We might even catch him in our Leprechaun trap! No leprechaun will be able to resist the shiny gold inside this glittery leprechaun trap.  And your little ones will be almost as excited as they were with their Elf on the Shelf waiting to see if they catch a real live leprechaun with their sneaky creation. And we just might play this St. Patrick's Day Path Game.
Here are a few of my new found FAVORITE decorations, activities and ideas for this Magicial Holiday! 

This 1st print is designed with words that children may typically associate with St. Patrick's Day...including pinching!  
These free St. Patrick’s Day party printable’s are courtesy of How Does She?  If you’re hosting a celebration this year you can easily print these out just in time for the festivities. Designed by Chickabug, this collection will set the perfect mood. Water bottles, Cupcakes, banners and more. 

Looking for great printable activities for kids? This is the perfect way to get your bunch excited about St. Patrick's Day...and to spread the fun around to others. It's a St. Patrick's Day version of getting Booed or Elfed! Treat bag toppers are included for your goodie bags, too. All items are free printables for non-commercial use only.

I'm so Lucky to Have You! Here are some fun little ideas you can give to your kids, your sweetheart, your kids’ teachers or whoever else you feel like giving a pot of gold to.  

Oh, the fun of St. Patricks Day but oh, the the lack of decor with Easter right around the corner! If you are having a hard time trying to find any green decor with spoiled Easter eggs taking over the retail stores then HERE ya go! St. Patrick's Day Subway Art! 

These Candy Bar Wrappers would make adorable little treats for co-workers and/or loved ones!

You remember "cootie catchers" when you were growing up, don't you? Those origami fortune tellers that you'd play endlessly until all the fortunes were discovered! Well, here's the perfect good luck fortune teller/cootie catcher for St. Patrick's Day!

If you are looking for a fun St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Idea then you have come to the right place. These Lucky Charms Cupcakes are just that!  

Having a party? This St. Patrick's Day party invitation template features a happy Irish leprechaun (is there any other kind?) and a fun green polka dot background. He'll definitely help set the mood for your St. Patrick's Day party

Looking for a quick and easy favor idea for St. Patrick's Day? What about a Pot O' Gold? Simply fill pretzel cellophane bags with some rainbow Twizzlers and gold foil-covered chocolate coins or Rolos, add a custom 3" tag, and call it done!

These St. Patrick’s Day papers are perfect of card making, digital scrapbooking and any other project you can come up with. 

For the adults, In case you're still interested in drinking some festive beer, but maybe aren't so much into dyed beer, just pop these labels on any standard beer for a festive refreshment. You get 3 labels: 2 round, one square and some neck wraps from Benign Objects.

Green not your color? Try these super fun R A I N B O W printables for St. Patty's Day! 

Finally this ONE awesome quote caught my attention and reallly captured my snarky attitude. I've made this 8x10 FREE printable for you to share! 

 And a little Irish nod to our Southern roots... 

For more DIY ideas, recipes and crafts visit my St. Patty's Day Pinterest board.  I hope you enjoy this holiday as much as I will

Please share your activities with me in the comments below!


Friday, March 1, 2013

Lucky Nibbles! St. Patrick's Day Foods

If you've have been searching for some yummy treats to make with the kids or for the family on St. Patrick's Day, all I can say is this may turn into a week long celebration as there are so many yummy things out there to make. Here are a few of my favorite desserts, smoothies, drinks, traditional Irish dishes, soups and so much more…

For more visit my St. Patty's Day Pinterest Board.  


Rainbow Waffles Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes | Rainbow Fruit Skewers | Lucky Charm Snack MixCreamy Broccoli Soup | Shamrock Smoothies | Cucumber Feta Rolls | Ice Cream Jello ShotsGreen Velvet Cupcakes | Vanilla Pudding with Meringue Clouds | Leprechaun Hat S'mores | Leprechaun Crunch | Irish Soda Bread | Corned Beef with Vegetables | Irish Blue Cheese Fondue | Shepherd's Pie | Stout & Ice Cream Floats | Irish Beef Hand Pies | Shamrock Dirt Cups | Green Velvet Cheesecake | Leprechaun Candy | Green Mac-n-Cheese | Rainbow Pancakes | Green Sangria | Sparkling Clover Charm
Green Glowing Cupcakes

Broccoli Soup
Broccoli Soup