Monday, March 25, 2013

Chocolate Dipped Peeps? Yes, Please!

I have a confession.

In addition to be a lover of Cadbury Eggs and candy corn, I also love Peeps. (Hmmm, all my favorite candies and holiday candies…) 

Yes, those marshmallowy covered in sugar little creatures you can buy at Easter (and other holidays now too!)

There’s something delightfully ridiculous about marshmallow Peeps. They seem to usher in all sorts of childhood nostalgia, kicking off the season of Easter candy with pastel flair.

 As any experienced Peep connoisseur knows, Peeps are best eaten after they have dried out for a few days.  It makes them oh so nice and chewy. I have been known to open them and set them in the pantry for a few weeks and go back for them for an extra special treat.

What could taste better than a dried out Peep? A Peep covered in chocolate of course! I’ve seen tons of different ways to do it on Pinterest and even saw that you can buy them at your local superstore!  But those Peeps were a bit costly and most of the pictures I saw on Pinterest were only pictures. (A HUGE Pinterest No No!) So I decided to make my own and show you how!

The first step was to melt the chocolate.  I had a variety of different products on hand chips, melts and bark. They all work basically the same. I melt my chocolate in the microwave but a double boiler can also be used. If the chocolate doesn’t melt smoothly, try adding a little vegetable oil to it to thin it out. I went with the chocolate melts for this round

Then I just held the little guys by their neck and dipped away! After a nice warm dip in chocolate I sprinkled them with sprinkles! Set on wax paper to hard and THAT'S it! 

I've created this bag topper as a FREE printable for you. I used Ziploc brand sandwich bags and two stables and I have the perfect little gift for friends and family.  
Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions of Use before using
 So do you think you will make these in the near future? After Easter Sunday, peeps will be on sale and I just might make a Spring Peep printable! 

Keep Chillin' Peeps!

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