Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Unique Wedding Registries

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Perhaps you already have all the pots, pans, towels, dishes you’ll ever need in life. You’re not alone.

Many couples are entering marriage with a household full of stuff, especially if they are living together or are well past the post-grad ramen phase of their lives.

That  also means the traditional wedding registry to help you outfit your new life together isn’t necessarily needed. So instead of trying to figure out if those porcelain salt and pepper shakers will ever be used, consider these cool wedding registries instead:

Foodie Registry: Love eating out? Choose from a bunch of restaurants and let your guests help you eat your way through your town.

Hatch My House: This registry allows your guests to help you save toward a down payment, renovations or décor for your future home. A cool feature is that your guests can see your dream house from the front door to the bedroom and purchase a certain part of your house, like a door or window.

Honeyluna: Can’t afford a honeymoon? Perhaps your guests can help you out with a dream vacation. Select your destination and guests can not only contribute to your plane tickets and lodging but extras including spa packages, a romantic meal or day excursions.

I Do Foundation: If you want your wedding day to focus on giving to others, then consider a charity registry. This website allows your guests to feel good about giving back to charities that you hold near and dear to your heart.

And as grooms become more and more involved in wedding planning and the popularity of man showers and couples showers continue to grow – now’s the perfect time for grooms to bring in some serious loot by creating their man registries.


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