Wednesday, March 27, 2013

EGGstra Special Easter Wedding Inspiration!

I love the soft delicate pastel rainbow palette of colors you typically think of with Easter. An Easter wedding to me exudes all the beauty and fun of spring. Weddings with an Easter theme are undeniably charming and never fail to impress!

Pastel colors are essential when creating a cohesive Easter wedding theme. Pale pinks, yellows, greens, purples and blues all work together in a very bright, springy and festive way. Your table setting is the perfect way to incorporate different textures and different linens into creating a fun but elegant Easter wedding reception.

Tulips are by far my favorite flower. I love them for their beauty and simplicity. They are a must-have for any wedding event in the Spring but especially around the Easter holiday. They come in a variety of colors and pastel shades will bring in the cohesiveness of the Easter theme. You can save a little in decorating costs as most churches are adorned with fresh tulips or lilies for this sacred holiday.
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The beauty of any wedding lies in the details and bunnies are naturally associated with the Easter holiday in a non-religious sense. Martha Stewart has a great DIY tutorial on how to fold napkins in the shape of bunny ears. Again this is a fun yet elegant way to bring your theme into something as simple as your place settings.
Photo via Martha Stewart
Everyone loves a good Easter egg hunt but with these place markers, the only thing your guests will be hunting for is their seats. By incorporating egg filled bird’s nests into your seating chart and plans could put your wedding completely over the top in a very memorable way.

Photo via Love Olio
I’ve shared with y’all my love for the Rainbow Theme trend, so of course I love the idea of bringing different shades of pastel colors into the attire worn by the wedding party. Easter eggs are often times died in multiple pastel colors and what better way to incorporate the ideas of Easter then to adorn your bridesmaids each with a color of their own. This is a fun way for each bridesmaid to feel unique while staying in your theme.

Photo via Orange & Blossom

When incorporating an Easter holiday theme into your wedding, subtlety and consistency are key. All Easter goodness can easily be incorporated into a spring wedding. Each of these ideas could easily work for a bridal shower, as well!

During my research I discovered so many beautiful Easter Wedding Themed Inspiration Boards that I couldn’t pick just one to share with you. So I’ve created an album on our Facebook page for you to browse. Be sure to stop by and ‘Like’ us and let us know which one is your favorite.  

The beauty of your event will lie in the details. From the flowers to the food, the place cards to the wedding party, your event is sure to be a beautiful once-in-a-lifetime experience. So if you are planning a 2014 Easter wedding, email us and we will get started on a custom Easter-themed wedding.


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