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FREE St. Patrick's Day Activities and Printables!

Top of the mornin' to ya!  Kiss me I'm Irish! 

So I have been telling myself, don't get caught up in all of the cute Saint Patrick's Day STUFF, you have never decorated or really celebrated the holiday in the past, you will be fine...but then I became an instant Yaya when my daughter got married and became a mother to the most precious little girl! 
 Roni Rose & Starr! My 2 favorite girls!
For me, the main goal on St. Patrick's Day, while attending Elementary School, was to make it through the day without getting pinched. I was curious how this tradition of pinching began, so I Googled, (where does pinching on st patrick's day come from) and got several different answers ranging from warding off Leprechauns to just a child's made-up game. If you know the real history (or have a good guess) of how it all started please enlighten me!  Also, for those of you living outside of the U.S., do children pinch on St. Patrick's Day where you live, or is this unique to the U.S.?  I'd love to hear about how/if you celebrate St. Patrick's day.  

Since my daughter was little, St. Patty's Day has turned into something bigger, a WHOLE LOT BIGGER! We will now have a tricky little Leprechaun that comes the night before (March 16th) and leave shamrocks all over the house. He will also turn the milk green and will use our potty before he leaves. We might even catch him in our Leprechaun trap! No leprechaun will be able to resist the shiny gold inside this glittery leprechaun trap.  And your little ones will be almost as excited as they were with their Elf on the Shelf waiting to see if they catch a real live leprechaun with their sneaky creation. And we just might play this St. Patrick's Day Path Game.
Here are a few of my new found FAVORITE decorations, activities and ideas for this Magicial Holiday! 

This 1st print is designed with words that children may typically associate with St. Patrick's Day...including pinching!  
These free St. Patrick’s Day party printable’s are courtesy of How Does She?  If you’re hosting a celebration this year you can easily print these out just in time for the festivities. Designed by Chickabug, this collection will set the perfect mood. Water bottles, Cupcakes, banners and more. 

Looking for great printable activities for kids? This is the perfect way to get your bunch excited about St. Patrick's Day...and to spread the fun around to others. It's a St. Patrick's Day version of getting Booed or Elfed! Treat bag toppers are included for your goodie bags, too. All items are free printables for non-commercial use only.

I'm so Lucky to Have You! Here are some fun little ideas you can give to your kids, your sweetheart, your kids’ teachers or whoever else you feel like giving a pot of gold to.  

Oh, the fun of St. Patricks Day but oh, the the lack of decor with Easter right around the corner! If you are having a hard time trying to find any green decor with spoiled Easter eggs taking over the retail stores then HERE ya go! St. Patrick's Day Subway Art! 

These Candy Bar Wrappers would make adorable little treats for co-workers and/or loved ones!

You remember "cootie catchers" when you were growing up, don't you? Those origami fortune tellers that you'd play endlessly until all the fortunes were discovered! Well, here's the perfect good luck fortune teller/cootie catcher for St. Patrick's Day!

If you are looking for a fun St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Idea then you have come to the right place. These Lucky Charms Cupcakes are just that!  

Having a party? This St. Patrick's Day party invitation template features a happy Irish leprechaun (is there any other kind?) and a fun green polka dot background. He'll definitely help set the mood for your St. Patrick's Day party

Looking for a quick and easy favor idea for St. Patrick's Day? What about a Pot O' Gold? Simply fill pretzel cellophane bags with some rainbow Twizzlers and gold foil-covered chocolate coins or Rolos, add a custom 3" tag, and call it done!

These St. Patrick’s Day papers are perfect of card making, digital scrapbooking and any other project you can come up with. 

For the adults, In case you're still interested in drinking some festive beer, but maybe aren't so much into dyed beer, just pop these labels on any standard beer for a festive refreshment. You get 3 labels: 2 round, one square and some neck wraps from Benign Objects.

Green not your color? Try these super fun R A I N B O W printables for St. Patty's Day! 

Finally this ONE awesome quote caught my attention and reallly captured my snarky attitude. I've made this 8x10 FREE printable for you to share! 

 And a little Irish nod to our Southern roots... 

For more DIY ideas, recipes and crafts visit my St. Patty's Day Pinterest board.  I hope you enjoy this holiday as much as I will

Please share your activities with me in the comments below!


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