Friday, June 7, 2013

How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape!

The day of your wedding is coming up…and you have no idea what dress you would possibly want…Choosing the right style requires self-reflection and a look at your body. Your dress may look good on the hanger, but totally different on you. And it isn’t all about weight! No matter how much you do or don’t weigh, your basic body shape will remain the same. And it’s your shape that determines which types of gowns will look best on you.

Here are some things to take into account as your day comes up:

First, you should make sure you start shopping for your dress 6 months in advance. Manufacturing the dress can take up to 4 months and tailoring or altering will take up to 2 months. Start looking at magazines and make a collage of pictures you find interesting. It will make it easier for your dress consultant to find something for you if you have an idea of what you want. She will bring you many dresses and you might think to yourself, “No way!”… But the truth is some dresses you put on will look better on you than on the hanger. Don’t be afraid to play dress up, you could be very surprised! On my favorite show, “Say Yes to the Dress,” a good percentage of the girls end up getting dresses they would have never even considered, had their consultant not convinced them.

Pear Shapes
You are: Slimmer on the top and full on the bottom. You tend to have smaller breasts and fuller hips.
You want: Typically, A-formations or Empirical gowns with a V neckline that would accentuate your figure the best. These dresses give you flowing lines which are important in balancing out your shape. Try to go for fabrics that don’t cling like taffeta and duchess satin, or if it is more casual than go for an eyelet lace or raw silk. Halter dresses will draw the attention upward for you as well.
Try to Avoid: Clingy bottoms-they will make you look bottom heavy.

You are: Taller than your average bride, long legs and arms.
You want: Simple, floor sweeping hems-something appropriate to your height. For example; long sleeves that goes past your wrists so it doesn’t look like the dress belongs on someone smaller. I believe taller types can pull off almost anything like halter type, ball gown, mermaid, Grecian and empire waist types.
Try to Avoid: Be wary of anything too elaborate that would make you look too girlish.

Inverted Triangle
You are: Top heavy or usually with broader shoulders and slim/narrow hips and slim legs.
You want: Sheath, Empire, Ball gown, A-line with a halter, one shoulder or strapless. The trick is not to cover your shoulders…we want to bring them out and avoid making them look larger than they are. You can go for a ball gown or a dress with flowy lines and anything with a textured bottom. These aspects will aid in balancing out your figure.
Try to Avoid: Covering your Shoulders.

You are: Well endowed in your chest.
You want: Try a sweetheart line which will flatter your chest. A straight line will make you appear to have a bigger bust which will actually add weight to your appearance. Dresses with less dramatic fabric on top would suit you. Avoid satin or silk as they will call attention to your bust. Go for flattering A-line or ball gown styles to balance out your figure.
Try to Avoid: Avoid straight lines going across your bust, and too much material up top.

Plus Size
You are: Carrying some more weight usually around the middle.
You want: An empire or gradual A line because it would play up your shape. Go for simple elegance. A V-neck line is extremely flattering and adds an elegant touch. It adds more vertical lines making you look slimmer.
Try to Avoid: Loose dresses that add pounds. Make sure the seam does not start at the seam. It’s too much like a maternity dress. Avoid frills and ruffles, they will add more weight.

You are: Bottom, hips and torso full…mainly defined by a fuller waist
You want: Vertical lines, not horizontal; High waistlines with skirts that flow away from your body like an empire gown or ball gown. A dress that cinches in your waist and flows out will flatter your smallest area. The sweetheart neckline would suit your curvy figure while a V neckline would add more vertical lines.
Try to Avoid: Trumpet dresses that flare out where you carry the most weight.

Slim/ Boyish
You are: Narrow body shape with slim hips and smaller chest.
You want: Go for a volume-like a ball gown with an emphasised bodice to add more curves. Dresses with ruching give you more femininity and detail. Halter styles will give the impression you have a fuller chest as well.
Try to Avoid: Over clingy fabric.

You are: Short and have smaller proportions.
You want: An A-line dress will make you look taller with a waist line that sits above your natural waist, giving more length to your legs.
Try to Avoid: Dropped waist. It will make you look shorter. Ball gowns make your legs disappear and appear shorter, be weary! Avoid calf length dresses as well. Limit the detail on you dress…i.e. huge bows which will make you appear even smaller.

You are: Bust and Booty Blessed with a smaller waist.
You want: Glamour! Go for a sheath dress which will fall in all the right places. A sheath dress is for the daring and comfortable with their figure. It will hug your curves and give you that old glamour look. Others include the mermaid dress which will move along all the lines of your body.
Try to Avoid: Ball-gowns as they don’t work for larger hour glass figures, they add more weight.

Please remember that this is all just helpful advice, your dream dress should be what you want. This is just a guide to helping you look your best! 



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