Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Beat the Heat at Your Outdoor Event!

Summertime weddings and parties outdoors can be scorchers. Cold, refreshing beverages can help your guest beat the heat, but you might want to try a “cooling station”

Cooling stations are a wedding trend that I believe any hostess having an outdoor event in the summer should follow. 

Here are a few of my favorite cooling station ideas and some other ideas to keep guest cool. 

  • Fans and parasols: Turn your wedding programs into fans, or have fans readily available as favors, like these from Dengra Designs. Or set out a basket full of cheap paper parasols.

Image via Google Search
Image via Google Image Search

  • Dress code: Dress in breathable fabrics and inform your guests to dress for the heat — shorts, flip flops, light cotton shirts, sun dresses etc. 

  • Hydration station. Have water, iced tea, and/or lemonade readily available. Have bottled water on ice throughout the event is a great idea also. 

Image via Angee's Eventions on Pinterest

  • Hose it down! Spray down any concrete, stone, or brick areas with a garden hose to it cool off.
  • Rent tents. If there's no natural shade to be found, you can rent large tents to provide an escape from the sun.
  • Misters. You can get yourself an outdoor mist cooling system, hook it up to your garden hose, and set these fabulous misters up anywhere.

Image via Angee's Eventions on Pinterest

  • Cooling Stations: 
  1. Chill small spritzer bottles in the refrigerator before setting them out for guests. Invite each guest to take one to keep themselves cool while at the party. Remember to buy the fine mist spritzers that “mist” rather than “squirt!” 
  2. Set out handkerchiefs for guest to dip into iced lemon water. 
    Image via Rex and Regina
    Image via Angee's Eventions on Pinterest

Stay cool, send in photos of how you achieved it!


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