Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 Wedding Cake Trends

 So 2012 wedding cakes were ah-may-zing! In particular, I loved the rustic ‘naked’ wedding cake often decorated with only fruits or flowers.

Vintage Period, paying homage to era’s past, wedding cakes will be showing muted colours, ruffles and lace. Lace on wedding cakes will dominate 2013 styles as embellishments, edging and overall icing design. Mimicking bridal dresses including corsets, ruffles and lace details, will be also be very popular and will be seen accented with jewels and bling!

Bird themed wedding cakes will be big too, based on the Love Birds. From bird nests to bird cages. Traditional, hand painted or rustic. Don’t you think these  bird cakes are waaaay cute!?

Gone are the days of the plain cake (woo hoo!). 2012 brought in new wedding trends, including the rise of hand-painted cakes. These sweet confections are true works of art and almost look too good to eat…almost!  As the reception centerpiece, hand-painted cakes are a great way to reflect your theme, the season (spring, fall, etc) or even be made to resemble your invitations and 

Cakes are also going to explode in a riot of color… Multicolor prettiness and graduated hues.

Succulents are taking the wedding world by storm! They aren’t as delicate as normal sugar flowers, so even the heavy handed sugarcrafter should be able to do something that’s vaguely reminiscent of the real thing. 

Mint. I believe the wedding color of 2013 has lead to this trend. There are tons of things you can do with mint and desserts, mint colored accents on a cake, peppermint buttercream on a naked chocolate cake. 

Cakes in 2013 will be tall . . . the taller the better! Tall tiers (six inches in height) with multiple tiers (four and five levels) will create cakes that will dwarf cakes of years past.  These prominent tiers will create a memorable site for all to see. Gone are the days of 2 inch cakes, unless we’re talking about Cake Wrecks

Extravagant flavors will be huge. Pairing sweet and salty flavors together, such as peanut butter and chocolate are breaking the traditional vanilla.  Salted caramel filling and buttercream is very popular and pairs well with both chocolate and vanilla.  How does bacon sound in your cake?  For a groom’s cake, it is becoming very popular, showing appreciation to the men in the reception. Looking for something lighter?  Try lemon lavender . . . lemon buttercream paired with lavender buttercream.  

Fun Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes! Today, as more and more couples take a non-traditional approach on their wedding, their wedding cake is also following suite. Many couples have dropped the whole “white tiered wedding cake with flowers” and opt for something a little more, well, fitting to their taste. There are cakes ranging from a donut tower, to a macaroon tower, to a crepe cakes! Seriously, the choices are endless! So if you’re looking to add something unique and personalized into your wedding, try playing around with your wedding cake! I’m sure the guests would still absolutely love it if you had a donut cake. 

Theme wedding cakes are the perfect choice for couples who are serious sports fans, gamers, movie buffs and more. If you love old-school video games, create a wedding cake with a Super Mario Brothers theme, complete with red mushrooms and Mario himself atop the cake, saving his princess. For animal lovers, go for a furry friend theme with dogs, cats or other pets adorning your cake layers. Your imagination is the limit for what you can design for a fun, unique theme wedding cake.
So there they arethe Wedding Cake Trends for 2013.  In review: Vintage, Birds,  Hand Painted, Lace, Vivid Colors, Mint, Tall Cakes, Extravagant Flavors, Theme Cakes and Non-Cakes likes Cake Pops, Cupcakes, and Macaroons.

So what is your wedding cake plan?  Will you be incorporating any of these trends?  I can’t wait to hear about your big day!


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