Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kitchen Shower, a Non Traditional Bridal Shower

Traditionally, bridal showers were occasions during which a bride-to-be’s female friends and relatives provided her with small gifts that she could use to set up her new household. The basic idea remains intact, but today’s bridal showers span across many different themes. If you’re in charge of planning a bridal shower, you’d probably like it to be special, practical and fun. Most bridal registries are at least half filled with all the modern gadgets and tried and true staples of a fully appointed kitchen. Since the bridal registry is already filled with kitchen items, why not host a kitchen themed bridal shower? Here are some kitchen shower ideas to get you started:

Venue: Depending on the size of your guest list, host your kitchen bridal shower at the mothers, a bridesmaids, or a relatives home, a local restaurant that is the bride's favorite, or something outside the box would be a culinary school that offers private sessions. If the shower is on the smaller side, move extra chairs into the kitchen. After all, at any party guests tend to congregate in the kitchen. Why not make them more comfortable there? If you choose to host the party at a local restaurant, try to find one with an open-themed kitchen where diners can watch chefs and sous-chefs in action.

Invitations: Once you have picked your kitchen shower invitation, (create your own, email me for a custom design invitation or check out Zazzle’s collection Kitchen Shower invites.) consider what information needs to be included with the invitation. For example, a great kitchen shower idea is to ask each guest to write out one of their favorite recipes to help the bride get started in the kitchen! If you plan to host the party at home, consider making the party a potluck. Then, ask each guest to bring the recipe for the dish they bring to the party. A fun way to jazz up your invitation is to frame it on mini cutting boards and hand deliver them.  
Source: Martha Stewart via Angee's Evention on Pinterest
 Decor: Think outside the box when it comes to centerpieces, decor and place settings. Use a collection of kitchen tools displayed in a utensil holder or other large item off the bride's registry. It also becomes a gift for the bride. If you need more than one centerpiece ask bridesmaids to each create a different one within the theme. Much of your bridal shower guest's time is spent in her seat, so don't go overboard with too much decor about the space and instead, pay more attention to each place setting's look and feel. For example, place cards; create place cards that are also a parting gift for your guests. Buy cookie cutters and use them as napkin rings around kitchen towels in the bride’s wedding colors & slip pieces of paper with your guest’s names through the cookie cutters. Use a ‘Towel Cake’ on the gift table or dessert table. 

Source: Robin's Creative Cottage via Angee's Eventions on Pinterest
Guestbook: Rather than purchase a book that the bride will look at a few times, create something that the bride can use or enjoy every day! Buy a plain white chef’s apron and a box of permanent markers. Ask your guests to sign the apron so your bride will have the happy memory of her kitchen bridal shower every time she steps into the kitchen! Or have guests write on plates to be mounted on the couple's wall later. Choose white dishes for the well-wishes, and metallic paint-pen for the written inscriptions. After the event, the bride can arrange the signed plates with patterned ones in a random grouping for a sophisticated feel.
Source: C.R.A.F.T. via Angee's Eventions on Pinterest
Games: One fun kitchen shower game is “Recipe Mix-Up.” To play, take a multi-step recipe and write out each of the steps on separate slips of paper. Guests or teams compete against each other to be the quickest to put the recipe correctly back in order. Another fun game is “The Apron & Kitchen Utensil” game. Get complete rules and how to play directions here!  Another fun idea for entertainment during the bridal shower is to hand out recipe cards and have everyone jot down at least one or two special tips and tricks for a successful marriage. Or, have everyone jot down at least one or two special tips and tricks for the kitchen. Everyone has special little things that they do to keep their kitchens tidy or to produce the best results in the kitchen possible, and an event like this is the perfect opportunity to compile everyone’s best advice. The bride-to-be is sure to refer to these cards again and again as she sets up her own kitchen, and she’ll remember each person who contributed their suggestion. You could dress a manikin with an apron monogrammed with the bride’s married initials and have guest place the cards inside the pockets. The apron will also be a great gift for the bride. 

The main reason to have a bridal shower is to get together and share advice about married life. The kitchen is the beating heart of any home, and this type of bridal shower will set the stage for a very happy household. This shower idea would as make a great housewarming party!



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