Monday, July 22, 2013

Got Glitter? 50 DIY Projects That Sparkle!

Got glitter? Or should I ask- Got enough glitter? I don’t think so. And if you know me, you know that having glitter isn’t enough…YOU HAVE TO USE IT!

I’m a sucker for glitter.  It just makes everything so much prettier!

There’s so much glitter goodness out there that it would be selfish of me not to share some glitter inspiration. Here are 50 DIY projects that are sure to add a bit of sparkle to your desk, outfit, party, and home.

Glitter Party Decor (clockwise from the top left)

1. Glitter Party Hat: Hats off to these easy colorful party hat! (via Studio DIY)
2. Glitter Table Setting: Using temporary card tables at your next dinner party or holiday event, spruce them up with gold posterboard instead of a table cloth. (via Elizabeth Ann Designs)
3. Glitter Cake: Fine, this one is more an image for cooking inspiration, but it’s still an impressive use of glitter, the edible kind. (via Polkadots)
4. Glittered Wooden Flatware: Such a cute idea for a big party or outdoor picnic! You could even use nail polish with a fast-dry coat if you’re working on a tight timeline. (via Oh Happy Day)
5. Glitter Disco Lantern: A paper lantern transformed into a disco ball? Love it. (via Oh Happy Day)
6. Blush + Gold Backdrop: For a glittery backdrop in your DIY photo booth, add strands of sequins and glittered circles in front of a romantic blush fabric. (via Style Me Pretty)

 Glitter Accents

7. Glitter Watch: Got an old watch band from middle school that could use an update? Glitter it up! (via Adventures in Fashion)
8. Glitter Camera Strap: Speaking of boring straps for useful items, take your camera strap to the next level by getting glitter involved. (via Funkytime)
9. Tubular Statement Necklaces: For this pile of gorgeous necklaces, Brit + Co took a cue from the ladies at Pepper Cotton and filled plastic tubing with glitter, sprinkles, and beads, oh my! 
10. Gold Glitter Clutch: Looking to customize a clutch? Nothing says shiny chic like a bit of gold glitter. (I Am Style-ish)
11. Glitter Bobby Pins: Everyone’s got a pile of bobby pins on their dresser or nightstand. Breathe some new sparkly life into them by adding all sorts of shapes. (via Giant Dwarf on Etsy)
12. Glitter Heart Pins: On the same note, a great stocking stuffer or Valentine’s gift for your girls would be these sweet heart pins. (via Life and Art of Andrea Rodgers)
13. Glitter Shades: Glitter nail polish plus your dollar-store Wayfarer wannabes? Done. (via Brit + Co.)

Glitter Holiday

14. Glitter Pine Cones: Pine cones get a serious makeover with help from gold paint and glitter tips. Wait… frosted tips? (via The Garden Gates)
15. Acorn Ornaments: Acornaments? So cute. (via Curious and Catcat)
16. Glitter Wrap: Grab a roll of craft paper, a few brown boxes, and get after it with glitter and glue. (via Brit + Co.)
17. Glitter Ornaments: For a chic Christmas look, add a bit of gold glitter to clear ornaments. It’s just the right amount of crafty and classy. (via Henry Happened)
18. Glitter Stickers: Similar to the glitter stickers in our recent wrapping tutorial, these circular sparklies add a touch of loveliness to any gift. (via Ambrosia Creative)
19. Glitter Christmas Lights: Totally in love with these glittery Christmas lights! (via Lovelies in my Life)


Glitter Cocktail Cart

20. Glitter Glassware: Nothing lifts one’s spirits while drinking spirits like a glitter-dipped wine glass. (via Inspire, Design, & Create)
21. Gold Star Glasses: Such a fun way to spruce up a set of inexpensive glasses. (via Sugar & Cloth)
22. Glitter Hearts: Add a bit of love to your  drinks with glittery heart swizzle sticks. (via Pinterest)
23. Glitter Champagne Flutes: Cheers. (Something Turquoise)
24. Glitter Dot Swizzle Sticks: So cute! (via The Sweetest Occasion)
25. Glitter Champagne Bottle: Sparkly… sparkly? Win. (via Style Me Pretty)

Glitter Your Home

26. Striped Glitter Votives: Grab the painter’s tape and glitter paint, and get stripey with it. (via Skruben)
27. Glitter Gardening Tools: Brighten up weekly chores by glittering the handles of your mops, brooms, and gardening tools. (via Brit + Co.)
28. Glitter Votives: Give your votives a touch of King Midas. (via 100 Layer Cake)
29. Glitter Vases: Paint the inside or the outside of your vases with glitter for a new look. (via The Sweetest Occasion)
30. Ombre Glitter Seashells: Recent beach vacation? Glam up all those beachy collectibles. (via Martha Stewart)
31. Glitter Reindeer: This wall art is so much simpler than it looks! Simply print out a shape or silhouette you like, cut out, cover with glitter, and glue to a piece of cardstock or even canvas. (via Daisy Dreaming)
32. Glitter Chevron Canvas: Our old friend Chevron! You could also do this with sparkly duct tape.
33. Gold-Dipped Feathers: Boho chic with a tinge of glamour. Love it. (via Ryan, Michelle, and Ellie Mae)

Glitter Style

34. Glitter Heels: Add some sparkle to your step! (via Restyle.Restore.Rejoice)
35. Glitter Button-Down Shirts: A great way to add a little zing to an old button down is to glitter the cuffs, collars, or button seams. (via The Zoe Report)
36. Glitter Oxfords: Glitter stripes and trim are a simple and quick way to jazz up a pair of boring old oxfords. (via Brit + Co.)
37. Glitter Toms: While we love the shiny varieties of Tom’s already out there, who can resist a vibrant DIY? (via Lil Blue Boo)
38. Glitter Tights: I definitely have to try these to believe their awesomeness – but they look great! (via Moustachic)
39. Glitter Sweatshirt: For cozying up over the holidays, stay fancy while you get comfy. (via Glitter and Grace)

Glitter Your Desk

40. Glitter iPhone Case: If you’re bored of your old iPhone case, go for the glitter. (via Desire and Inspire)
41. Glittered Deer: Need a friendly face on your desk? Or some glittery fauna? (via Seni with Love)
42. Glitter Thumbtacks: Love this move for a bulletin board, especially for display holiday cards and photo booth prints. (via Lovely Indeed)
43. Glitter Mousepads: That mouse of yours is essential. Pimp out his pad, MTV cribs-style. (via Brit + Co.)
44. Glitter Magnets: Another option for displaying cards, photos, and wedding invitations on your fridge. (via Pugly Pixel)

Glitter Garlands

45. Glitter Circle Garland: Punch out a bunch of circles out of glitter paper and sew together. Quick and easy! (via Honey and Fitz)
46. Glitter Letter Banner: Print and cut letters out to string your favorite words together on your wall. (via Creature Comforts)
47. Gold Garland: So. Much. Glitter! (via Glitter and Grain)
48. Glitter Is For Life: Hear, hear! (via Supermarket Sarah)
49. Scalloped Party Garland: Like the circles but need a different shape? Fold ‘em in half and create a scalloped border. (via Wine Country Weddings)
50. Lyrics Banner: And finally, words to live by. Let Your (Glittery) Heart Be Light! (via Katie’s Pencil Box)

Need more SPARKLE? Check out my Pinterest board Keep Calm & Sparkle for lots of glittery fun, DIY projects and much more!

What are your favorite glitter DIY projects? Talk to us in the comments below.



Friday, July 19, 2013

Firefighter Inspiration

I friend of mine recently asked me for ideas for a Firefighter themed wedding. Both the bride and groom are Firefighters and really want to incorporate their occupation into their big day. This wasn't so hard to do...
Then a few days later I received an email from someone who was looking for some ideas for a baby shower. She knew she wanted a firefighter theme, but wasn’t sure how to execute it without going 'over the top'. I had never thought about this type of theme going with a baby shower before. But I am not one to turn away from a challenge. So with a little work I was able to put together this inspiration board for her. An event can be inspired by anything and this just proves it.

Are you stuck for ideas? Do you have questions and just don’t know who to ask? Send me an email and I would be more than happy to assist you in your event planning needs! Good luck!



Monday, July 8, 2013

All About the Sweets! Details and Decor

When planning a sweet table, the goal is to enhance the theme of your wedding, not detract from it. For example, if you are having a very sleek and minimalist wedding in muted tones, you don’t want to have a lavish and brightly colored table dripping with candy necklaces and giant lollipops. If your wedding theme doesn’t fit the traditionally nostalgic sweet table, try a monochromatic presentation in white or one of your wedding colors.

Before you determine how many candies and pastries to buy for your sweet table, first decide what you want the layout to be. The goal should be a fairly symmetrical design. I love the look of glass jars in varying sizes and shapes. Remember, sweet tables are not necessarily a buffet for guests. You shouldn’t think in terms of how much each person will enjoy, but rather what will maximize your presentation.

Above all, this is a chance to incorporate an extra dash of fun to your wedding reception.


Photo Credits:
Ring pops jar: Mitvah-licious
Brown, green & white jellybeans: Candy Buffets UK
Over-sized martini glasses with scoops: My Balloon Mania
Jordan almonds & licorice: The Brides Diary Blog
Pink and white candy buffet: Elizabeth Anne Designs
L-O-V-E candy dishes: Blue Light Bride
Pink combination: Lolly Bar AU

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4th of July Inspiration Party Board

Here’s a bit of inspiration to kick start your holiday! 

I thought I'd do something a little different, simpler this time. Instead of writing out a long drawn out party plan I'd create an inspiration board. Enjoy!

If you want to decorate Americana without using the traditional flag and firecrackers, try some of these fun ideas:

Wrap up utensils in bandanas that double as napkins.

Put bunting flags up around garden areas and picnic tables. Use red, white, and blue fabrics in less vibrant shades and in fun patterns to produce a more subtle 4th of July look.

Serve mini ice cream sandwiches and bowls of fresh (hopefully local!) berries. Naturally, glass bottles of Coca-cola is the beverage of choice for a summertime get together. Hand guests jars of homemade jam on their way out for a  seasonal and festive party favor.

Happy Fourth if July!